Heat Transfer Vinyl Pompom Bunny Tail Onesie

Babies make me so excited! Maybe it’s because I’m a mom myself but making things for babies and kids are so much fun and also so gratifying! I get great pleasure when I make cute things for them. This time I’m making this cute Pompom Bunny Tail Onesie as a gift for a friend’s baby girl that was born recently. Right in time actually for Easter and what can be cuter than a pompom bunny tail, right????

Heat Transfer Vinyl Pompom Bunny Tail Onesie

Heat Transfer Vinyl Pompom Bunny Tail Onesie

I used heat transfer vinyl for the bunny silhouette and also for a couple paws in the onesie’s booty. I always find so cute baby booties when using diapers so I love making something cute for that area on onesies or pants.

There have been lots of new baby girls in the family. I must confess it get easier for me to get inspired since I have a girl myself. Actually she couldn’t be more girly in her ways!

This project is a really simple one if you have a cutting machine, and if not I think there might be places that offers vinyl cutting services!!!

So, want to learn how to make this cute Pompom Bunny Tail Onesie?

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    Kim says:
    March 22, 2016

    This is absolutely adorable! My 9 year old daughter would love it on a t-shirt!!! Pinning this!

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    March 16, 2016

    This is so stinking cute, especially with the added pom pom! Thanks for sharing!


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