36 Stylish Winter Outfit Ideas

I so love winter, don’t you?… Well, I know that if you live where winters are long, maybe you don’t love it as much. I have never lived in a snowy place but I have lived in really cold places, like London {snows very little and not longer than a month? maybe} Spain and now Bogota, Colombia which is cold most of the year. The thing is that winter means many happy things for me, no more hot weather, jackets, sweaters and boots and most importantly Christmas!!!! I enjoy looking for winter inspiration as much as for fall and for that reason today I’m sharing a collection of some super stylish winter outfit ideas to put you in the mood!

36 Stylish Winter Outfit Ideas

36 Stylish Winter Outfit Ideas #winteroutfits #winterfashion #wintertrends

I absolutely adore wearing sweaters, jackets, scarves, knee high boots and booties too. Although I’m kind of getting used to this weather and I don’t use so sweaters so much we do have really cold days and for those days at home I enjoy so much wearing big sweaters and when I have to go out, I LOVE wearing boots and long coats! It’s my dream come true!

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    Bev says:
    November 22, 2015

    Great roundup! I’m partial to leggings, tunics, and tall boots, so a lot of these were right up my alley.
    Unfortunately I’m in an area that is prone to a lot of snow (Boston!). I spent a semester in Madrid from January-May. It lightly snowed one day and everyone was so excited!

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